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OURCHURCH is committed to learning and growing together in relationship, following Jesus' example. A few of the ways we do this together include:


Jesus showed His love for us by giving up His own life. Being baptized in water is a statement to the world that we've chosen to accept His gift, and spend our own life loving Him back by loving others. To learn more about baptism or to find out when OUR next baptism is, contact us.


Jesus had a squad. Which means the best way to live OUR best life is with other Jesus people. Want to be in, host, or lead a group? Let's connect.


Jesus set the standard for compassion and then told us to follow His lead. OUR means us. If you're hurting, we're hurting. If you have a need—for prayer, visitation, financial help, hands-on assistance, relational support, or counseling—we want to help.

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