Got kids? Fantastic! Taking our cue from Jesus, we treat OURKIDS like the VIPs they are. OURKIDS' leaders and volunteers are passionate about pouring into children and growing them to be world-changers who love Jesus and His people, and who know they are priceless and loved.

OURKIDS enjoy their own weekend experience while the grown-ups have theirs. In a nurturing, safe, and fun environment, children engage in learning and development specifically tailored for their age group.


OURBABIES experience a time of nurturing and structured activities designed to encourage healthy development and fine motor skills as they grow.

AGES 3–5

OURTODDLERS experience fun and interactive learning and worship through song, story time, and crafts.

AGES 6–11

Older kids engage in worship; hear a lesson from the Bible taught in a way they can relate to; and have a chance to ask questions, talk about what they're learning, and pray for each other during small group time.


OURKIDS' team believes every child can participate and we want every kid to be included! With parent permission, we provide every child who has special needs with an OURBUDDIE who sticks by their side through the whole experience. OURBUDDIES ensure each kid's experience is fun by encouraging them to engage, supporting them as they overcome any challenges, and empowering them to fully participate.



OURKIDS experiences happen thanks to a committed team of volunteers who love Jesus and kids, and who love helping kids learn about, talk to, worship, have fun with, and love Jesus. Is this you? Join the OURKIDS Team!

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Children are a gift from God. He has a unique plan and blessing for each one. Dedicating children means simply taking a moment—as parents, and as OUR church family—to agree with God that they are His, commit to teaching them about Him, and ask His blessing upon their lives. More than a mere tradition, we believe God sees this, is honored by it, and blesses it.

Children may be dedicated at any age. Would you like to dedicate your child or children? Let us know; it would be OUR privilege to share this step and journey with you.

OURKIDS Virtual Experiences

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